Drum Vault

The drum vault is designed to hold a complete eight (8) piece drum kit including cymbals and hardware. It will be custom designed around your specific drums.


Each drum is held in a size-specific padded chamber. The hardware is housed at about waist level so you don't have to constantly bend over. The cymbal case can be used with the removable 7/16" spindle or as a case to hold cymbal bags. For extra padding to hold drums in place, simply stuff a pillow in the chamber.


100% European birch construction, exterior and interior chambers are covered in extra heavy duty indoor/outdoor carpet. Eight (8) large handles with four (4) 4" inch casters.


Ultracase will custom build any drum case to your specifications.

Holds a complete 8 piece kit with cymbals & hardware. It is 5'x5'x2' and the base price is $3200.

Drum Utility Tray - New!

A handy place to put spare snares, bongos, sticks, keys, water, etc. - studio or stadium. Closes down to a 5" road case. Size closed - 5" x 30" x 18"

Price: $329